Linan, Wang

Developer, Entrepreneur
contact: wangii [at]

If you have a feature request that may benefit everyone, drop me an email and I'll consider to add it for free. If you have unique request(s) for your business, I'm here to help. Depending on the nature of your project, my daily rate is $150 ~ $300 (£100~£200 if you prefer GBP).

At present I specialize in the following technologies: Objective-C (for iOS dev), Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby and Golang (Sorry php, you are no longer in the list). I have extensive experience architecting single page app using Enyojs.

Here are a few reasons you would consider to hire me (five, to be exact).

  1. I do software right. Software is more than coding, it involves communication, design, and making difficult decisions (e.g. when to trade performance for maximal flexibility?)
  2. I understand business. I've learnt and keep learning from my unsuccessful ventures. I understand after all software serves business. When a programmer says no to you, I'm here to help. I know how to reduce your cost. By saving every possible cent, your business can go further.
  3. I communicate well. Sure, a lot of people say this - but I actually consider it one of my strongest skills. I've worked cooperatively with team members, clients, outside contributors and all levels of management; I thrive in each situation.
  4. I love to get involved. I will always have a life outside of work, but I think company outings, clubs or volunteer projects are a great way to make your work life more rewarding. Sign me up!
  5. Above all, I'm creative. I relish in the opportunity to make something new, improved, fresh. Whether I'm designing something on the fly or trying to improve a process, I consider it a challenge to come up with a solution that others may not have thought of.